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Due to Pi-Knives rigorous quality checking process, and the draw on materials only of the highest quality, Pi-knives and Aestus Arsenal offer owners of a mimicry IX a lifetime guarantee, covering all repair expenses. Additionally, because of this meticulous quality control system, we can offer our customers a 14 days no-questions-asked return policy, where we cover all costs of returning the product.

About the Survival Pack.

On your path in order to become the greatest in your field you will face a number of obstacles and challenges. Without the right equipment, even the smallest problems can lead to almost insurmountable drawbacks. As a result, Pi-Knives has developed a support pack with the necessary gear in order to help you in everyday life or, of course, in a real survival situation, which does not takes up a lot of space as well.

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Foldable cup, stainless steel, 250ml (beverage cup, for boiling water, unit of measurement); Waterproof plastic box (storage of moisture-sensitive objects); Ferrocerium firesteel with striker (generates sparks up to 3000 °C); Multitool; Compass; Signal mirror with small whistle (signal with sunlight, acoustic signal); Diamond sharpener; Sewing needles; Mini LED lamp; 2 rescue blankets (for example a blanket laid out as a rain cover, the second blanket as a blanket); Butterfly plaster (for immediate fixation of small skin wounds); Children's plasters; 3 sterile dressings; elastic bandage for fixing the wound dressings; Wire saw for cutting thicker pieces of wood; Nail scissors; Extra pointed tweezers; Monocle magnifying glass for working hands-free under optical magnification; 2 tampons (as material for starting a fire, as a sanitary article); 3 plastic bags, each 4 liters capacity; Piece of aluminum foil; 1m brass wire; 3 safety pins; 5 cable ties; Small pencil; Small sheet of paper; 1 pack of matches; 100m dental floss (as a highly tear-resistant thread for a variety of uses)