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The Bowie is a high endurance and strictly limited outdoor knife, built out of high-quality materials, in order to create a robust working tool.

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Lifetime guarantee.

Due to Pi-Knives rigorous quality checking process, and the draw on materials only of the highest quality, pi-knives and Aestus Arsenal offer owners of a Bowie a lifetime guarantee, covering all repair expenses. Additionally, because of this meticulous quality control system, we can offer our customers a 14 days no-questions-asked return policy, where we cover all costs of returning the product.

About the Bowie Special Edition.

Reducing Pi-knives exclusive Bowie Limited Edition to just a knife and its specifications, would be a big mistake. Besides its high-quality materials and striking design, the Bowie is much more than a status symbol and collectors item. Made out of the best materials and with a quality control process where each knife is quality-checked four times before being delivered to the lucky buyer, this Bowie fully unleashes its potential when actually used. Whether for hunting, outdoor survival, camping or for defense usage, this knife is a true multi-talent.

The Pi-Knives Bowie comes with a number of exclusive extras, in order to steel our customers with the necessary equipment for every situation. Besides the high-quality and strictly limited Bowie knife, the scope of delivery also contains a sheath made of thermo-molded Kydex, ring rivets, as well as a specially shaped belt clip. Furthermore, our customers receive a key for disassembling the handle and a ferrocerium fire starter.

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Blade Show Award for Design.

Sami Stinner, also known as the "Knife Guru", former professor of biology, decided to quit his highly reputable day-to-day job after hearing the countless demand of the knife community, begging him to create more knives. The Austrian and German test market quickly fell in love with the exclusive production and innovative designs, leading to Sami Stinner winning the biggest Blade Show Award for best design in the world. Sami’s approach of taking the inspiration for his knife designs out of the nature allowed him to build one-of-a-kind products and bring innovation to the knife market. Today, Pi-knives is one of the most exclusive and appreciated knife manufacturers in Europe, focusing on the principles of traditional craftsmanship and offering their customers the highest quality products.

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Limitation to 600 pieces

Buying a Pi-Knives Bowie means buying an exclusive piece of craftsmanship. It allows you to become part of a hand selected number of people from all corners of our planet, which do not shun any challenges, in order to become the greatest in their field. The exclusive and strictly limited Bowie production run allows the CEO to personally check each product at least five times during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that only the products of the highest quality reach our customers.


Overall Length, mm: 335
Blade Length, mm: 215
Handle Length, mm: 120
Blade Width max., mm: 38
Blade Thickness, mm: 7
Weight of the Knife without Sheath, g:470
Blade Material: Steel 8Cr13 (equivalent of AUS8)
Material of the Handle:Grip made of G10 glass fiber composite, removable with stainless steel screw rivets.