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Everyday Carry - Everyday Reliability.

After three years of collaborating with the EDC-community, Pi-Knives created this high-quality blade collection, limited to a total of under 1,000 pieces. These products combine an intuitive usability with all the functionalities needed for a daily rocker!

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Daring Tools for Daring Outdoorsmen.

Pi-Knives outdoor blade owners are fearless explorers from all corners of our planet. They have two things in common: they value high-quality knives with exceptional performance and do not shun any challenges. Dive into their world and get a feel of this remarkable collection.

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The right equipment for every situation .

Besides high-quality blades, fellow outdoor and knife enthusiast appreciate being prepared for every obstacle they might face. As a result, we offer our customers high-quality accessories, which make every hurdle and setback seem like a casualness.

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Dark Green


Pi-knives were specially 500 pieces designed knifes for only the coolest people. Established in the Austrian Alps we only serve premium quality. At pi-knives I personally check every single item at least 5 times. That is why we can promise a lifetime guarantee for the knife. Its cutting edge blade made out of d2 steel is the perfect EDC item for you and yo niggas. You buy a companion and a knife for lifetime - not just a penis. Check out the Green and Desert Sand Color (Link) (Link)


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