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The Aestus Promise

The Aestus Promise

Aestus is the latin word for fire and passion, a word which fits exactly to our brand and also corresponds with the promise we want to make about the products we sell. First off, we only sell products which we are passionate about and would buy ourselves. The products on our website are carefully picked and only consist of high-quality outdoor tools, which have ignited the fire in ourselves. Every product you will find on our web shop is thoroughly tested by three independent members of our staff, which then each write an extensive review, before handing the product to the company’s CEO, who then again makes a wide-ranging test of the product.
Only if all four members of our so-called “quality board” agree that the product is in line with our demand for superior quality and provides a one -of-a-kind customer experience, the supplier receives a positive response from our quality board.

But why do we go through such rigorous quality controls with each and every product?

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Over many years investors and other stakeholders have laughed at our thorough quality checks. They mentioned that the work we put into these processes, without knowing whether these products will sell on the market. Nevertheless, we believe that the intensity of quality checking is not something a company can decide on. In our opinion, every company needs to do as vigorous quality controls as possible, in order to create a sustainable and profitable business model. For us, helping our customers to find the products with the highest quality is something we owe them, and it is sad to see that this mentality is actually what differentiates us from our competitors the most.
We realize that knives are tangible products, which require some testing before actually deciding on which knife to buy. Nevertheless, we decided to bring the convenience of an online store, which especially our high-quality demanding customers deserve, into the outdoor supplies world.
As a result, we have created an exclusive process, which allows our customers to enjoy buying high-quality brand knives and other outdoor tools for any situation without leaving their comfort zone. One big part of this process is the aforementioned quality control, which is also the reason why we decided on selling our products in so called seasons, selling only five to ten products at once, giving us enough time to pick the right products for our customers for the next release date.
Since the products we sell on our website are usually limited to a few hundred pieces as well, we are able to grant our customers a life-time warranty on most of our items. Combined with our “no question” return policy within the first month after the purchase, we allow outdoor enthusiasts to actually try the products before having to make the buying decision. We know that there can be various reasons for deciding on a knife, so we will never ask you about the reason for your return during this timeframe.

The Aestus club

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Even though our high-quality outdoor tools do not require a lot of caretaking and are designed to support you even in the most extreme situations (Which is also the reason why we test them in the most extreme climates and every product undergoes a hard set of extreme challenges before even being taken into account for our quality tests), we still recommend maintaining services from time to time
Therefore, we offer exclusive services for members of our high-class Aestus Platinum Club. Luckily, having purchased on of our limited products makes you automatically eligible to join this member club. You will not only get restricted access to these additional services, you will also be able to participate in the pre-access sale for our next product release, allowing you to put your hands first on one of our sought-after outdoor tools.