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How Sami Stinner gave up his secure job as a teacher and spent 10 years developing a knife

Sami Stinner Quality Check

After working as a high school teacher for many decades Sami Stinner founded pi-knives in 2010, not yet fully being aware of the impact his designs and brand will be able to make one day. “I have always been passionate about knives and craftsmanship but did not feel ready to actually give up my day-to-day job as a teacher, in order to follow my passion”, the founder of pi-knives told us in an exclusive interview. Growing up in a small village in the rural area of Austria, it was common for everyone to carry a pocket knife, since there are many occasions daily that require the usage of such a tool. After not being fully satisfied with the handling and endurance of a number of knives, Sami decided to create his own tools. What started as a hobby soon turned into a profitable business model, when more and more people started to realize the superiority in quality of pi-knives. After a while Sami realized that focusing on his passion of craftsmanship will actually fulfill him more than his teaching job.

Settling on the local market was not hard for pi-knives since the superior quality led to fast-pacing word of mouth even across the borders of his hometown. Still, it initially proved to be hard to grow the brand image globally. The innovative and game-changing designs, however, have led to Sami Stinner winning the highly-recognized Blade Award in 2011, with the first knife he ever created, the DoBoLock, which today is recognized as an iconic milestone in knife history, by satisfied customers and experts alike. After this important milestone, requests from all over the world started floating into the company’s mailbos and the market lusted for a new invention by the so called “knife mogul” Sami Stinner.

After cooperating with a number of different knife manufacturers, Sami Stinner and the RHB GmbH teamed up to start selling knives under the pi-knives brand, a company that stands for high-quality, high-endurance knives, which are not only a luxurious collector’s item, but a daily-rocker which can show the best performance in day-to-day actions. “I always wanted to create a knife, which our customers can be proud of possessing, but which can still be used in the daily lives of our consumers”, Sami Stinner says.

Today we are proud to announce that Aestus Arsenal had the ability to team up with a brand, which is taking quality-control serious, checking the goods and materials a total of four times, throughout the manufacturing process, making sure that each and every sold unit corresponds with the high quality standard. It is a pleasure to work with such inspiring people as Sami Stinner and being able to exclusively sell every new collection, which is produced by pi-knives, on our online shop.

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The slogan “progress through innovation” has allowed pi-knives to grow into a globally successful company, a motto which our company lives by as well, focusing highly on quality and the customer experience.