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Big Giveaway Day.

As we want to raise awareness for qualitative outdoor products, such as Pi-Knives, we start this giveaway. We will allow access to our community of soldiers, hunters & survivalists. As a present we want to give out 10 Pi-Knives endless survival bags for 10 lucky warriors. To participate enter your name and email below now:

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In cooperation with the award-winning knife brand Pi-Knives we created a one of a kind collection of EDC knives, strictly limited to a total of under 1,000 pieces. The high quality makes these blades suitable both for everyday tasks in your backyard, as well as extraordinary situations in extreme climate areas.


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"It is well constructed & balanced, good steel & blade shape"

Hunting Collection 30.08

After years of quality testing, the long awaited Pi-Knives hunting collection is ready to launch on the 30.08. exclusively at Aestus Arsenal. Read the details below, to find out how to secure on of these strictly limited knives.

Launch on 30.08

After years of rigorous tests of their new Pi-Knives hunting collection with the most looked-upon hunters in the hottest deserts, deepest jungles and the Siberian Tundra, the feedback lead to high-quality products, the international knife community can hardly wait for. This collection will be exclusively available at Aestus Arsenal from the 30th of August on, click below and you can secure pre-access by joining our exclusive membership club now.


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